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Ernst Topitsch Stalin's War Pdf Download

Ernst Topitsch Stalin's War Pdf Download

Ernst Topitsch was a German philosopher and historian who wrote a controversial book titled Stalin's War: A Radical New Theory of the Origins of the Second World War. In this book, he argued that Stalin was the main instigator of World War II and that he planned to use the war as a means to spread communism across Europe and beyond. Topitsch claimed that Stalin had prepared a massive offensive against Germany and its allies in 1941, but Hitler preempted him by launching Operation Barbarossa. Topitsch also accused the Western Allies of appeasing Stalin and helping him achieve his goals of world domination.


Topitsch's book was first published in German in 1985 and translated into English in 1987. It received mixed reviews from critics and historians, some of whom praised it for its originality and courage, while others dismissed it as a revisionist and conspiracy theory. Topitsch's book was also criticized for its lack of evidence, logical flaws, and ideological bias. Some of his sources were dubious or fabricated, and some of his arguments were contradicted by historical facts. Topitsch's book was seen as an attempt to exonerate Hitler and Nazi Germany from their responsibility for the war and the Holocaust.

If you are interested in reading Topitsch's book, you can download a PDF version from the following link: [Stalin's War by Ernst Topitsch]. However, you should be aware that this book is not a reliable or objective account of the origins of World War II. You should also consult other sources that offer different perspectives and interpretations of the events and motives that led to the war. For example, you can read the following articles that review and critique Topitsch's book: [Ernst Topitsch. Stalin's War: A Radical New Theory of the Origins of the Second World War] and [Stalin's war by Ernst Topitsch].


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