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Pengantar Ilmu Komunikasi Wiryanto Pdf Download

Pengantar Ilmu Komunikasi Wiryanto PDF Download

Pengantar Ilmu Komunikasi is a book written by Wiryanto, a professor of communication studies at the University of Indonesia. The book was published by Grasindo in 2004 and has been widely used as a textbook for students of communication sciences in Indonesia.

The book provides an introduction to the field of communication studies, covering various topics such as the definition, history, scope, functions, models, theories, and effects of communication. The book also discusses the different types of communication, such as interpersonal, group, organizational, mass, and intercultural communication. The book uses examples and cases from the Indonesian context to illustrate the concepts and principles of communication.


The book is divided into four sections. The first section explains the basic concepts and terms of communication studies. The second section explores the various aspects and dimensions of communication, such as the source, message, channel, receiver, feedback, and noise. The third section examines the different models and theories of communication, such as the linear, interactive, transactional, and systemic models. The fourth section analyzes the effects and impacts of communication on individuals, groups, organizations, and society.

The book is written in a clear and concise manner, using simple language and diagrams to facilitate understanding. The book also provides exercises and questions at the end of each chapter to help students review and apply their knowledge. The book is suitable for students who want to learn the basics of communication studies or for anyone who is interested in the topic.

The book is available in print format at various bookstores and libraries in Indonesia. However, if you want to download the PDF version of the book for free, you can use the following link: [Pengantar Ilmu Komunikasi Wiryanto PDF Download]. This link will direct you to a Google Books page where you can preview and download the book. You will need a Google account to access the page. Alternatively, you can also search for the book on other websites that offer free PDF downloads.

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