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Sashti Devi Stotram - A Powerful Prayer for Childless Couples and Children's Protection

Sashti Devi Stotram is a hymn dedicated to Sashti Devi, the consort of Lord Subramanya, who is also known as Devayani or Devasena. Sashti Devi is the goddess of vegetation, reproduction, children, and protection of womb. It is believed that she blesses childless couples with children and protects them from all kinds of dangers and diseases. Sashti Devi Stotram is chanted on the sixth day of the lunar fortnight (Shukla Paksha or Krishna Paksha) or on the day of Sashti Thithi, which is considered auspicious for her worship.

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Sashti Devi Stotram consists of nine verses that praise the various attributes and blessings of Sashti Devi. The stotram also contains a phalasruti or a section that describes the benefits of chanting the stotram. According to the phalasruti, those who recite the stotram for one year will be blessed with a son, wealth, happiness, salvation, victory, fame, and righteousness. Those who are barren or have dead children will be blessed with a virtuous, intelligent, and long-lived son by the grace of Sashti Devi. Those who have children suffering from diseases or evil influences will be cured by chanting the stotram. The stotram also invokes Sashti Devi as the mother of the universe, the giver of joy, and the bestower of auspiciousness.

Sashti Devi Stotram is available in various languages such as Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali, and English. There are also many online sources that provide the stotram in PDF format for free download. Some of these sources are listed below:

  • [Sashti Devi Stotram in English - Bhaktinidhi]

  • [Sashti Devi Stotram -]

  • [Shasti Devi Stotram षष्ठ देव स्तत्र Free PDF Download]

Those who wish to chant Sashti Devi Stotram can download the PDF file from any of these sources and print it out or read it on their devices. They can also listen to the audio or video versions of the stotram available on various websites and YouTube channels. Some of these sources are listed below:

  • [Sashti Devi Stotram with Lyrics - YouTube]

  • [Sashti Devi Stotram - Powerful Mantra for Conceiving - YouTube]

  • [Sashti Devi Stotram - Durga Saptashati - YouTube]

Chanting Sashti Devi Stotram with faith and devotion can bring immense benefits to those who desire children or want to protect their children from harm. It can also help in overcoming various obstacles and difficulties in life. Sashti Devi is a compassionate and loving mother who fulfills the wishes of her devotees and showers them with grace.




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