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Justin Corleone
Justin Corleone

Enjoy the Best Songs of Dire Straits with This Easy Download Method

watch this video on youtube click to load video the album, on every street, featured dire straits' best-known single, so far away. recorded live at london's rockfield studios, the final mix was helmed by the wrecking crew's lynn m. anderson (who would also engineer brothers in arms and its hit single, walk of life). brett tuggle also mixed the album, and produced some of the songs. the irish singer-songwriter glen hansard, who had previously done session work with dire straits, also contributed guitar parts. hansard's father was a friend of knopfler, and the two had played guitar together, albeit briefly.

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watch this video on youtube click to load video the album was a smash, and the single, water of love, would give dire straits a final radio hit of note, reaching number 4 in the uk singles chart. however, knopfler was tiring of the band, and wanted to go solo. the gulf between the great success of the previous two albums and the ill-fated long cool woman (in a black dress) was pretty huge.


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