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Justin Corleone
Justin Corleone

Share Tool To Unlock All Oppo Devices [EXCLUSIVE]

the google pixel may also be unlocked in this way. for details, check out the following articles - click on the links below for details:

Share Tool To Unlock All Oppo Devices


  • how to unlock your google phone without password

  • unlock google phone using new method android

  • unlock google phone without password

most of these methods can be accomplished by changing oppo phones settings, which is possible using the androids standard settings menu, or by using the frameworks pre-installed application called xposed. xposed module is a module that allows users to manipulate the settings of the android os. you can also unlock the phone using the devices imei number, and could be a much safer way. although it's available as an alternative method, but we would also like to notify you that, for this one, users must have a computer with access to their oppo phones imei number (with phone programming kit).

like the first way, the second one requires the device to be rooted and cannot be done without the help of the computer. in addition, this way uses the systems pre-installed application called settings. for more detailed information, please visit here:

on the next page, youll be prompted to enter your phone number again. youll also be asked to choose the recovery mode option. this is exactly what happens when you press the power button and the volume down button at the same time. after pressing it, your oppo will show a different screen. in the end, you can see all the options you can find on the main settings panel of android. by tapping the no you will erase all the data on the phone, a thing you shouldnt do if you want to unlock your oppo.


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